How we started


Chariiot began as a concept "why can't we optimize IoT data and make it more useable for autonomous applications?". The concept has now become reality, working with our partners such as Wireless US Carriers we have begun to deliver the Fastest most reliable IoT data connections available in the US. 

Why Chariiot?


Chariiot is the first and only company in the world that offers its customers the ability to take advantage of fully bonded, optimized and secure wireless IoT data at the Edge. This data often costs less than standard 3G/4G/5G data plans offered by wireless carriers. 


“What Chariiot is doing is genius. This will speed up the true adoption of autonomous vehicles, drones and robots by decades.”


“Autonomy saves lives, this is the often missed point in the debate regarding autonomous vehicles and drones, it also helps save billions of dollars and the planet.”


"We're entering a new autonomous world, those who intelligently embrace autonomy and use it to improve our world will be made all the richer for it."

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